Trade-Ins Info

At Arcane Cards we always want to make things easy for you. If you have any queries about Trade-Ins please don't hesitate to contact customer support.


How it Works

  1. Create a quote by adding cards in the Quick Entry Form.
  2. Submit your quote for confirmation.
  3. You will receive an email within 2 working days confirming your quote price, with instructions on how to send us your cards and how to get paid.
  4. Print the email and fill in your payment details, and post it with the cards to us.
  5. When we receive your cards we will send you a final confirmation. If any deductions are made (for example due to condition, see Terms & Conditions below) we will wait for your confirmation before sending payment.

Email Quotes

If you want to get a quote for a large number of cards, you may find it easier to submit a quote by email. Create a list of your cards, making sure to include Name, Set and Quantity and send it to We will give you a quote based on Near-Mint cards, but may alter your quote on receiving your cards depending on the condition we find them in.

If you would like to check the value of your cards beforehand, you can also request a spreadsheet of our trade-in prices by email.

Payment Types

We currently offer payment through Paypal, for which you will need a Paypal account. Paypal will charge you 3.4% + 20p to receive a payment.

We can also arrange payment by bank transfer to UK banks. Your bank may or may not charge you for this transaction.

New! We can now offer Store Credit in the form of a Gift Card - you will receive 20% extra for using this payment method. The gift card is valid for all products in our store. The gift card does not expire, and can be used for multiple transactions if the full balance is not used up. The gift card is not transferable. Please note you will need to create an account with us in order to be eligible for a gift card.


Terms & Conditions

Your Trade-In quote is valid for 7 days from receiving confirmation. If items are received more than 7 days after confirmation, we may send you a new quote with updated prices. You may confirm or reject the new quote, if you reject the quote you will be asked to provide your postage address so that the items can be sent back to you.

All cards (excluding bulk-rate cards) should be packaged in the same order that they appear on your trade-in quote. Unordered packages cause delays and large unordered packages may be rejected and returned to you. Cards that are sent in with no printed trade-in quote may be rejected.

Your Trade-In quote is conditional on the items being in Mint or Near-Mint condition (see our condition guide), printed in English, and from the same Edition as indicated in your quote list. If we receive single cards that do not meet these requirements we may send you a new quote with updated prices. You may confirm or reject the new quote, if you reject the quote you will be asked to provide your postage address so that the items can be sent back to you. Prices will be adjusted for condition according to these rates:

Near Mint 100%
Excellent 80%
Good 70%
Light Played 60%
Heavily Played Not Currently Accepted
Non-English Not Currently Accepted

(See our condition guide)

Non-english printing, Silver or Gold-bordered cards, Contraption and Conspiracy type cards will not be accepted, even at bulk-rates.

We do not accept responsibility for items lost or damaged in the post, either when sent to us or in the case that we return the item by post. For this reason we recommend that you use a delivery service with tracking and/or insurance when sending packages with high value.

We will not pay or reimburse the cost of delivery. We recommend Royal Mail 1st/2nd Class Signed For service for packages under £50 in value, as they will compensate up to £50 if a package is lost. We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery for packages from £50 to £500 in value.

When using the Quick-Entry form, the maximum value of a single Trade-In is £500. If you have more than £500 worth of cards to trade, you may be asked to split it into separate Trade-Ins, and wait until the first Trade-In of up to £500 value has been processed before submitting further cards.

We do not accept responsibility for any perceived errors in grading. If you disagree with our grading of your cards, you may reject the offer and have your cards posted back to you.

We aim to process trade-ins within 10 working days of receiving them, however during busy periods (such as new set releases) this is not always possible.

We currently can only accept Trade-Ins from customers in the United Kingdom, aged 18 or over.


Packaging Cards

To avoid damage in transit, we recommend all single cards are put in plastic sleeves and either placed in a Toploader (rigid plastic case) or taped to a piece of rigid cardboard, to ensure the package will not bend. We will not accept responsibility for items that we receive damaged.

Bulk cards should be packed tightly in a container (Fat Pack boxes or deck boxes are ideal) so that they can't move around, the container taped shut and placed in a bubble-wrap parcel.

Please ensure the cards are packaged in the same order that they appear on your printed quote, and that there are no missing or additional cards. Failure to do so may result in delays or the rejection of your trade-in.