Express Trade-Ins

Arcane Cards are trialling a new Express Trade-Ins Service! If you've ordered from our store, you may have received a Freepost Envelope and Express Trade-In Form. Here's how it works:

  1. Check the value of your cards at
  2. Fill in your details on the Express Trade-In Form.
  3. Place up to 20 cards in plastic sleeves (the same kind you use to protect your cards when playing MTG) then seal them in the provided plastic bag. Express Trade-Ins should have a maximum total value of £20 - any higher and you need to use the Standard Trade-In service.
  4. Pack your cards and the Express Trade-In Form in the Freepost Envelope, and take it to your nearest postbox!

Once we receive your cards, we grade them and make deductions based on condition. The Trade-In Prices listed on our website are based on Near-Mint condition. Cards without a listed Trade-In Price on our website will be accepted at Bulk Rate (£0.10/Rare, £0.15/Mythic).

Near Mint 100%
Excellent 80%
Good 70%
Heavily Played Not Currently Accepted
Non-English Not Currently Accepted

(See our condition guide)

You will then receive an email quote with the Final Value of your Trade-In. You can accept this quote to receive payment, or decline to have your cards returned to you.

Please note that Trade-In Prices are subject to change, your cards will be valued using the current price on the day we receive your cards. If you want to get a guaranteed price before sending your cards in, please use our Standard Trade-In service.

Payment Types

We currently offer payment through Paypal, for which you will need a Paypal account. Paypal will charge you 3.4% + 20p to receive a payment.

We can also arrange payment by bank transfer to UK banks. Your bank may or may not charge you for this transaction.

New! We can now offer payment in the form of a Gift Card - you will receive 20% extra for using this payment method. The gift card is valid for all products in our store. The gift card does not expire, and can be used over multiple transactions if the full balance is not used up. The gift card is not transferable.

Terms & Conditions

The Express Trade-In Service is for Trade-Ins of up to 20 Magic: the Gathering Cards with a maximum total value of £20. We do not accept responsibility for items lost or damaged in the post, either when sent to us or in the case that we return the item by post.

We do not accept responsibility for any perceived errors in grading. If you disagree with our grading of your cards, you may reject the offer and have your cards posted back to you.

We aim to process trade-ins within 5 working days of receiving them, however during busy periods (such as new set releases) this is not always possible.

We currently can only accept Trade-Ins from customers in the United Kingdom, aged 18 or over.