Condition Guide

Please note we do not accept responsibility for any perceived errors in grading, but all items are subject to our 14 day return policy.


Mint / Near Mint (NM)

Cards graded Near Mint condition will have very little visible wear, and look like they have never been played without protective sleeves. The surface is free of scratches or discoloration. There is no immediately obvious wear on the edges or corners. Under close scrutiny there may be a small white spot on the edge of the card, such as in this sample image:

Near Mint

Excellent (EX)

Cards graded Excellent have one or more of the following:

  • Small white marks on the edges
  • Slight wear on the edges or corners
  • Minor surface scratches



Good (GD)

Cards graded Good look like they have been played without sleeves, and will have one or more of the following:

  • Wear in multiple places on the edges and/or corners
  • Surface scratches
  • Slight warping
  • Minor discoloration
  • Minor creasing




Heavily Played (HP)

Cards graded Heavily Played show significant wear or damage, we rarely stock cards in this condition and they will not be accepted for Trade-In. The main reason for this is that they may not be Tournament-legal. They have one or more of the following:

  • Cuts, tears or holes
  • Heavy corner wear
  • Major discoloration
  • Water damage
  • Creases
  • Writing

Heavily Played


A Note on Foils

Foil grading follows most of the same rules as non-foils. However as warping is much more common in foil cards, a foil card with minor warping and no other damage may be considered NM.