Community Brews Submissions

Community Brews

Submissions for March 2018 are now open!

Have you got a homebrew deck you're proud of? Or a Tier 1 deck with your own spicy twist?

Submit your deck to Arcane Cards for the chance to have your deck showcased on the front page, and win £20 store credit!

How it Works

  • Send us your decklist by Facebook Message or Email. You can send it as a text file, spreadsheet, MTGO export or link.
  • Include in your message: Deck Name, Author Name, Format, and a paragraph on why you think your deck is great, and why people should give it a try!
  • We pick our favourite deck each month - we're looking for all kinds of decks that show Innovation, Flavour or just Raw Power.
  • If your deck is our pick for the month, we'll get in contact to let you know we'll be showcasing your deck on the front page, and send you an Arcane Cards Gift Card worth £20.


Please note that only United Kingdom residents are eligible for the £20 Gift Card prize.