The Birthing Podcast - Competitive Modern

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The Birthing Podcast - Competitive Modern

Want to improve your knowledge and skills in Modern? Well the Birthing Podcast is for you! Hosted by Alvaro Encinas, Harry Khoo and Josh Brass, it's a fortnightly podcast focused on improving your game in the fast changing metagame of Modern.

You will often find them having great players as guests on the podcast, ranging from GP grinders to Mythic Championship regulars, to talk about thoughts and tips they have for all types of players. Don't worry, it's not all serious Magic though, Josh and Alvaro love to bully Harry! You can listen for whatever you prefer. You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes. For all the updates check them out on Twitter @BirthingPodcast.

Episode 6 is out now, with special guest Gabriel Nassif!


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