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Author - Alex Wilson, Standard -

The ‘Hour of Devastation’ is upon us… As such, it’s time to start thinking about how best to brew up a budget beatdown to combat the onslaught of Nicol Bolas.   What counts as ‘Budget Deckbuilding’? Budget deckbuilding is a difficult topic to cover, as what ‘budget’ means in the world of Magic varies dramatically from person to person and from format to format. You might hear someone talking about their budget legacy deck that only cost 500 pounds and scoff at the idea that £500 could be considered ‘budget’, but they would probably argue that the majority of legacy...

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Author - Tom Charles, New Players, Standard -

  Now that Amonkhet has been released and has had a little time to settle, you might be thinking about building your own deck. You might well have played some standard before, either with a pre-existing deck you found online or with a deck borrowed from a friend, but you’re itching to try it with something you’ve made yourself. You want to be a trendsetter – after all, those online lists were someone’s original creation once. So where do you start? How exactly do you go about making your own deck? Well there’s a lot to it, but it’s a...

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Standard -

Today I'm looking at some cards that are objectively powerful, efficient, or just fill a role no other card can, but haven't quite made it in the standard meta-game. For some, they're just edged out by other, similar cards that match up against the meta decks slightly better. For others, they're great cards, but not the sort of cards that the popular decks are looking for. If you're not familiar with the 'Meta-Game': I’m talking about the Tier 1 decks that pro players are turning up to big tournaments with, and which aspiring pro players are turning up to local...

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