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Author - AJ Ansell, Budget, Standard -

I love brewing, coming up with new tech and using new archetypes to try and beat the best decks. Without innovation, magic would just be a load of people playing the same decks every week. It would become very hard to even justify the use of the word 'meta-game' when only three or so decks are consistently making the top 8. Almost like where we’re at now really. Kidding aside though, recently a deck played at the Pro Tour caught my eye mostly because of its utilisation of one of the Ixalan tribes, Vampires.  Hunter Wilson took Mono White Vampires...

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Author - Oli Kantyka, Budget, Standard -

Playing control can look awfully expensive! The top control decks right now are playing a whole shopping list of painfully expensive cards. Here are some of the worst offenders: The Scarab God is £38 at time of writing. For that money you could buy approx. 304 Tesco Finest Mini Mince Pies.   Basically: the most versatile removal and the best win conditions. If we want to build a deck without breaking the bank, we’re going to need to find alternative removal for the worst that standard has to throw at us, and a good way to win.   Did someone say...

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