Modern Battleground Winners

Modern -

Modern Battleground Winners

Last weekend's Modern Battleground was our first official tournament and thanks to the Judge team, Pentahotels Reading and many other helpers, was a huge success! Our venue was graced by many talented magic players with top tier modern decks. Also Pete was there.

For those of you keen to stay on the cutting edge of competitive modern, we've got a more in-depth analysis of the tournament meta, top decks and innovations in the works, but for now here are the Top 8 players and their deck archetypes.

1st Place - Harry Khoo - Azorius Control

2nd Place - Matthew Hayden - Affinity

3rd/4th - David Wilcox - Humans

3rd/4th - Ryan Brierley - Affinity

5th-8th - AJ Ansell - Elves

5th-8th - Chi Hung Liu - Abzan Company

5th-8th - Corin Varney - Burn

5th-8th - Lester Cupples - Burn


Top 8

 Photography by Reuben Khoo

Tournament Collage

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